Utilize well the money you have received from grants, Kisii Dairy farmers told.

Kisii County deputy Governor Joash Maangi presenting a cheque to one of the groups at Agricultural training center, a donation from the International fund for Agriculture through the Small Dairy Commercialization Programme (SDCP) on Thursday looking on ibeno ward MCA PHOTO/BRIGHTON MAKORI/DAILY CLOCK

Leaders and group members of 27 Dairy farming groups from 6 sub county across Kisii county who received cheques for a grant worth Ksh. 10,173,600 from the International Fund for Agriculture through the Small Dairy Commercialization Programme (SDCP), an initiative to boost farming have been challenged to make sure they use the money as per their proposal.

Addressing members when presenting the cheques at Agricultural training center, Deputy Governor Joash Maangi cautioned farmers who received the grant that unless they utilize the funds to uplift their farming, their application for further funding will not be considered.

“I call upon all leaders of the Groups and members to ensure they use the money well so that it can uplift them,” DG Maangi said.

He added that through this grant, framers will increases the income of poor rural households that depend substantially on product and trade of dairy products for their livelihoods.

He also called upon the elected leaders more so Member of County Assemblies to help in guiding farmers from their respective wards to use the donation well.

The deputy county boss said that as the county government, they have invested substantial resources to support the dairy enterprise.

He added the county has taken into consideration breed improvement in the dairy sector as more than 2000 farmers have benefited from Artificial Insemination which was launched 2 years ago which lowered the cost from Ksh 3000 to Ksh 500.

Among the groups benefited include Nyosia 1 cluster SHG from Bobaracho ward, Bomabobo Dairy from Bokimonge ward among others.