Am returning home, Bobi Wine tells Museveni who is planning to block the electorate from receiving him

Bobi Wine While in the waiting lounge in Amsterdam on Wednesday ahead of his grand return to Uganda tomorrow PHOTO/BOBI WINE

The renowned, fearless young energetic opposition Ugandan Member of Parliament Bobi Wine has vowed to make a grand return to Uganda on Thursday.

Writing on his Facebook page to the Ugandan electorate on Wednesday, Bobi has accused his government of plans to block Citizens from receiving him at Entebbe Airport.

“While in the waiting lounge here in Amsterdam, I just saw the Uganda Police spokesman Emilian Kayima and other senior police officers announcing that they will only allow my immediate family members to receive me from Entebbe Airport. They also said they will escort me to my home,” He wrote.

“Why do these police officers allow themselves to descend so low? They now want to decide who picks me and where I go upon arrival?”

“I will be received by friends, colleague leaders and artistes. I will then go and see my sickly grandmother briefly at Najjanankumbi from where I will head to Kamwokya for lunch with my family (brothers and sisters) before I go to my home in Magere,”

Bobi who has been under medication in the US after he was brutally tortured by the Ugandan military for allegedly stoning president Museveni’s convoy has strongly answered his government how he will land in Uganda.

“I am a free Ugandan with the right to move freely in my country. The police has no business telling me who receives me and who cannot or where I go and where I cannot. This impunity must stop,” He said.