How Government can reduce crime using WhatsApp


Nothing circulates information faster than social media which has instilled stiff competition to mainstream media platforms.

For the past few Months, Social media has  seen to be the most convenient tool for the DPP to access grass root information.

This is the platform i feel in my own opinion the Kenyan Government should invest in. We have seen Nordin Haaji running after people who have been posted going against the law, the most recent one being a Chinese citizen who abused President Uhuru Kenyatta as a Monkey.

The government should wake up and contain the fire before its too late. Social media has been the best platform to get it as it breaks without any delay wherever you are.

Today let me explain how the government can use whatsApp the most common chat application to curb crime up to deep in the villages .

Thanks to the Application for giving convenient room for more that two people to meet and have a meeting while apart.

President should come up with a whatsApp group for all ministers him being the admin. Each Minister will proceed to form another group to manage his/her own ministry. Today let me specifically focus on Ministry of Interior.

The chat above illustrates how the villager’s first hand information can reach all government administrators in the Ministry of Security within 5minutes.

For Example a Villager while on his daily duties back in the Village gets a reliable tip of how gangs are planning to attack lets say a particular supermarket in two days to come.

He will type the information and post it in a Village WhatsApp group where the Clan Elder is an admin. If the clan Elder cannot manage the situation as received he will forward the message to Clan Elders Group. If they discuss and cant find a solution, The Sub chief who is the admin will forward the message to the Chief.

If the chief is unable to find a solution, He will forward the message to Chiefs Group and the deputy County commissioner who is the admin will forward the message to Commissioners group and the chain will continue until the crime reaches the relevant Authority

Kenyan Police should resist from bothering the source for giving a tip. It has been a tradition where the source of the information is likely to be prosecuted for reporting crime than the criminal a notion which has crippled our security sector.

It should be within the capacity of the Police to act on the tip once received without instilling or pressuring the source. Have given you a tip What, where, when and who the rest handle and stop bothering me.