How Kisii Governor James Ongwae uses Social media to counter opponents

Kisii governor James Ongwae. PHOTO/COURTESY

Kisii Governor James Ongwae is a governor who seems to master Public Relations very well. He builds projects within 2-3 weeks in his speeches. He is a kind of a governor who will promise you heaven on earth.

He never lacks answers to questions.

He well understands what residents in a particular area are lacking. Before he attends a funeral or any other function invited, he already know what you need.

On Sunday 26th August 2018, Citizen Tv unearthed how the highly praised Kisii teaching and referral hospital has quantity buildings without quality services.

It was a shaking report which threw the whole County Administration and the entire Hospital Management into panic.

You think the Governor was asleep? NO!. Social media was well armed with enough bundles to counter the investigative report which majored how patients are suffering without water in wards.

The governor seems to have a section of well trained youths who can dismiss any true story featuring him negatively using a single hashtag.

After the heartbreaking report was aired, a hashtag was created #Kisiicountyleadershipisdelivering. Tweets and Facebook post started flying in defense of the rotten hospital.

Well these youths who were armed with bundles probably from the accused never posted how taps in wards are flowing with water as they claim.

All the posts we went through only shows how the hospital has plenty of water outside wards. Nobody has bothered to defend the well shiny installed empty taps in the wards.

Nobody is explaining to the public why  we have countless jerricans filled with water in wards.

A WhatsApp message from the Kisii County Deputy Director for Communication Kenan Miruka dismissed the allegations saying the Hospital banned patients from carrying jerricans to the hospital Compound.

“It is normal for some patients to prefer carrying drinking water from their homes to the hospital. However, KTRH management these days doesn’t allow jerricans at the gate.” Wrote Kenan.

The photo below was taken last week showing how patients in wards are armed with water, where is the truth?