Residents want Nyamira county dissolved as they start collecting signatures.

Beavon Magare addressing the media,he has said they have started collection of signatures to see Nyamira county dissolved for failing to address challenges facing residents more so health sector PHOTO/BRIGHTON MAKORI/DAILY CLOCK

Residents from Nyamira County have threatened to collect signatures which will see the county being dissolved as the call the National Government to intervene and help them from challenges facing them.

Led By Beavon Atuti they have accused the county leadership for failing to address changes facing residents across the county for quite some time.

Addressing the media on Wednesday at Tombe in Manga sub county Kitutu Masaba constituency they said that for quite some time residents have faced many challenges which the county leaders have failed to address.

Beavon said that residents are not getting health services since many health facilities are closed and even have no drugs adding that the workers have not been paid for three months.

“We have started unstoppable journey, we cannot sit and continue being suffering, enough is enough we will ensure that we collect signatures which will send all leaders home for the better of our county,” Beavon said.

“It’s now six years of devolution but Nyamira people we have not enjoyed this fruits ,when will Nyamira be in the top performing counties when leaders are not fulfilling and doing what they promised during election period ,” he added

He also said that following the poor organizing from the top leaders the county failed to do well during inter- games which were played at Kisii County.

“It was so shameful for our county failing to win even one trophy due to poor management from the county leaders which has seen has suffering for quite some time,” said Beavon

Moses Atinda said that they are waiting to collect the signatures by saying that they are wondering where the Nyamira budget go since each and every time they hear about allocations.

“Every time we have budget allocations and yet we have no drugs at our hospitals, my question where does this money go since we have no drugs in our hospitals and even workers have not been paid for three months ” Questioned Atinda

Sylvester omwega also called the county leadership to come out and explain to Nyamira people what is going on and how long residents will be suffering.

“ we elected you to assist us but you have neglected us ,you are not ready to help us ,as youths we are out to deliver the power of the Common mwanachi until we are heard since you have failed us, it s better to have no county than having non performing county ,” said Omwega

Robert Abuya accused Senator okongo Mogeni for failing to do his oversight role.
“Since we elected him we have never heard him talking about the challenges facing us meaning he is not working as compared to his predecessor who used to ask when things went wrong,” said Abuya.

At the same time he accused the County women representative Jerusha Momanayi by saying that women are the most affected buy Jerusha has failed to address the issue.

“women are the most affected when it comes to health issues , unfortunately the women repo has not come out to ask about this challenges facing the county,” said A buya

“We are not going to rest, to surrender, we are going to move until the last minute so that we change the leadership of Nyamira,” he added

They also threatened to stop the county officials from collecting revenue.