Taj Mall demolition notice issued


Multi-Sectoral Committee on unsafe structures on Thursday issued a demolition notice to the owner(s) of illegally constructed Airgate Mall formerly Taj Mall.

“Notice is hereby given to the owner(s)/Developers(s) of the illegal development namely AIRGATE MALL formerly Taj Mall, situated at the North Airport Road at the Junction of outering Road,Which has encroached on the road reserve and wayleave hindering the continuance of construction of outering road,” Read the notice.

The owners have been noticed to remove the illegal structure latest by 30th August 2018 or else it will be demolished.

“The owner(s)/Developer(s) are asked to remove the illegal development  before 30th August 2018,” 

The tenants have also been instructed to vacate immediately prior the deadline.

“The occupants/Tenants at the Airgate Mall are asked to immediately vacate the building prior to the expiry of the notice,”

The notice signed by the chairman of the committee M.A. Nyakiongora(OGW) says the building will be demolished upon the expiry of the notice

“Upon the expiry of this notice, the illegal development will be demolished or removed from the road reserve and wayleave at the owner(s)/Developer(s) risk and cost,”