40 Schools affected by unrest since January 2018, says Simon Kachapin.

Chief Administrative Secretary in the ministry of education Simon Kachapin addressing the Media at Kisii Boys High school on Friday 13th July 2018. PHOTO/LIZ ANGY/DAILY CLOCK

Chief  Administrative  Secretary  in the ministry  of education  Simon  Kachapin  has said  that parents  are going to carry  out  the burden  cost  of  property  destroyed during unrest  in schools  .

According  to the report, 40 schools  have been  torched since the beginning  of this year. .

Speaking  on Friday  at Kisii  Boys National School when he toured  to assess  and inspect  the situation of the school  whose dormitory was razed by fire on Tuesday night, Kachapin said that the burden of costs will  be on the parents  .

He  noted  that the government  has invested a lot  of resources  in education and it won’t bear  any costs  resulted  from the fire incidents.  .

“This is unacceptable,  we will  not condone  such behaviors  in our schools, we want our students  to grow  in a responsible  manner. Parents will pay for the lost property,”  he said.

He stated  that the culprits  who were involved  in the unrest  of schools  will  face the law.

“Criminal offense is treated  as  criminal, be it delinquent,  the culprits  will  not be set free,” said  Kapchain.

He noted  that  the law must be respected  and it should  be applied  fully.

Kapchain  stated  that  in future  they should  encourage  day schools  instead of boardings as a way of dealing with the witnessed situations.   .

Kapchain  warned  those  students  who might  attempt  to torch schools saying they  will  be arrested  and prosecuted.

According  to the report  in the year    2016, 400 schools  were  torched  and much property were  lost.

He asked  students to be responsible  and channel  their  grievances  in a better  ways  not through  torching  of schools.

The CAS said  that   serious  action  will  be taken on the suspects once investigation  has  been completed.