Twitter-Willy Mtunga spotted “Chasing” his pension with Brown envelope.

Former Chief Justice Dr. Willy Mtunga PHOTO/COURTESY

Former Chief Justice Dr. Willy Mutunga has been blasted by Kenyans on twitter after he was spotted relaxing by the roadside  with a brown envelop.

The tweet from Human Right Activist Boniface Mwangi awakened Kenyans who took Willy Mutunga Head on.

“A young person walking around with a brown envelope is likely a job seeker or a pickpocket. A 71 year old man walking around with an envelope is likely chasing his pension,” Tweeted Mwangi.

“Is he single? This man Mutunga has been my crash for a looong time a lunch with him will definitely make myself happy. I mean even just tea . Or a jog with him in the morning,” Replied Alice Omar.

“A civil servant walking home with a Brown Envelope after dinner at 5-star Hotel has most likely been BRIBED so is a journalist with documents whose length of the story will depend on the sum of money paid,” Added Blamuel Njururi

 3“This man mutunga did nothing to change judiciary. 2013 election he performed poorly that petition,”
But was really Mtunga chasing his Pension as alleged or it was a Joke tweet from a friend? Why such a retired VIP could be spotted in such an environment meditating alone?
After Keen search, Mtunga was honestly at Kamkunji grounds but he opted to sit on a concrete electric pole just to follow events from a distance.