Happy Fathers’ Day!

Happy Fathers’ Day to all Fathers who spend sleepless nights to feed their families. PHOTO/INTERNET

Anyone who established or has established something ranging from life, family, any invention etc is a father. First I our heavenly Father for all He has done for humanity “thank you God for your tender care and discipline for us we your children.” A father is a personality who takes a caring/protection and provision role to those under his care; he always strives for the best.

My father-all fathers to say; are the right people to appreciate today for their hard work which ensures that all of us at home or wherever we are: are satisfied and well taken care of. They are the most powerful in our presence; a trait that makes us feel safe in any situation we face in life. Thanks to my caring father and other fathers with the same trait. It is this trait that has thought me to take care of myself and those around me.

It is the caring trait that makes them (fathers) great disciplinarians who allow us kids to make mistakes yet they never tolerate it at all but they allow us learn some lessons. Their open-minded state makes them understand that things change with time hence allowing and accepting us move and grow with time. With their unconditional love for us they have always accepted our social and political differences.

I know and understand that most of the time we are separated from you by education and your profession; may I take this opportunity to make you know that we really appreciate the little time we spend together on weekends and holidays. May the Almighty Father in heaven guard, guide you and grant you wisdom, long life full of good health and strength to keep on supporting the family Happyfather’s day.