Kill the ‘big fish’ before dragging the small fish, Uhuru told

Kisii County Woman representative Janet Ong’era enjoying a cultural dance at Itierio Primary School grounds in Bonchari Sub County to Mark the 55th Madaraka day on 1st June 2018. PHOTO/BRIGHTON MAKORI/DAILY CLOCK.

Kisii woman representative Janet Ong’era has urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to deal with big fish instead of small fish in the fight against corruption.

Speaking on Thursday during the celebrations of Madaraka day at Iterio in Bochari constituency, Ong’era said the big fish should face consequences before the government drags the small fish to court in the fight against corruption in the county.

“Kenyans are watching on how taxpayers’ money is  being taken by few individuals and this must be stopped by the government,” said Ong’era

“I urge President Kenyatta to commit himself in the fight against corruption but he must deal with the big fish to end  corruption in our country,’ she added

Ong’era lauded President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga for extending their handshake to a hug yesterday during the National prayer Breakfast.

“We are happy for what president Uhuru Kenyatta and the ‘peoples’ president’ Raila Odinga did yesterday during national prayers ,we have seen our country is heading somewhere. This will develop and  improve the economy of this country,” said Ong’era.

She urged the two leaders to implement the handshake to benefit Kenyans in development.

She also promised that her affirmative action fund kitty will continue helping the needy students in acquiring education through bursaries.