Disband NYS over massive  corruption  scandals. Government told.


South Nyanza Bishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK)  John Orina has called on the government to disband the National Youth Service (NYS) over corruption scandals.

Speaking to The Daily Clock at his ACK office in  Kisii on Thursday, Orina said the government took a tremendous step of arresting and prosecuting the 8B NYS saga suspects.

“For youths to empower themselves, this should be restructured and build tertiary  institutions  for our  youths  to gain knowledge and skills.This is the time we should  unite to promote  peace and develop  our country,” He stated.

Orina said corruption is a question of the heart. The public is committed to see the country flourish  and not destroyed by corrupt  individuals in government.

“We as Christians condemn  it. We need to  focus  on true  development  in our country,  not to be pulled  down  by corrupt individuals,” he added.

He has appealed to the government  to review  tax rates for common Mwananchi to enjoy.

“Most Kenyans are living vulnerable  life. We want the government to do something  for them to enjoy tax rates,” Bishop  noted.

According to Bishop, NYS,Tax  collection  and service delivery from  Kenya  Power and Lighting  Company have been the major  issues  contributing  to the rise  of corruption  in the country.

He urged  Christians to promote  peace, unity and pray  for this country  to restore  sanity.