1059 students with disabilities and orphans benefit from affirmative action fund kitty in Kisii County.


Kisii county women representative Janet Ong’era has distributed 5.7M from Affirmative action fund kitty to pay school fees for students with various disabilities and orphans in the county.

Speaking in kisii town during the commencement of the distribution of funds to various schools, Ong’era said her kitty is eying to provide help in the community to promote education.

“My kitty will continue helping students who are vulnerable in the community to acquire education which will help them in future,” said Ong’era.

The law maker urged parents to register their children with disabilities to benefit from the kitty.

If you have any child with any disability please make sure you register them to benefit from affirmative action fund,” she added.

The law maker promised to fulfill all pledges she made during the last year’s general election.

Under my leadership I promise to fulfill all pledges because I know what I told you, youths I will sort you out soon my kitty has money to provide help where possible .