Fight corruption without fear to leave legacy Uhuru told.


President Uhuru Kenyatta has been urged to fight corruption in his government to leave his legacy after 2022.

Speaking on Thursday in Kisii town Machakos governor Alfred Mutua said President Uhuru Kenyatta knows the people who get involved in corruption and he should deal with them accordingly.

“I respect our president Kenyatta and that is why my political party supported his re-election of the last general election, he should fight corruption in his government without fear so that we can afford pretty of development in the country,” said Mutua

“If we continue sympathizing the corrupt people then our country will always depend on Euro-bonds and we can’t move as the country in development,” he added

He advised the government to freeze all properties of alleged corrupt people and their families should be also freezed to know the reality and to bring them in books,” added Mutua

Mutua also urged all leaders in the country both from the government and opposition to be united in fighting corruption.

“Unity can bear fruits in fighting corruption let us all be united to step up  this country in development,” insisted Mutua