Menstrual Hygiene amidst Covid 19, Edina Kangwana leads stakeholders in distributing Sanitary pads

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There have been myths on menstrual Health which has made young girls feel the periods are a dirty affair hence should be kept secret and personal.

As the world marked its World Menstrual Hygiene Day, Kisii County CEC for Administration Edina Kangwana joined primary school girls at Masocho primary school in Kitutu Chache North to dispel these myths.

“We are here today talking to girls from surrounding schools on menstrual Hygiene. We are strongly dispelling myths and providing accurate information. Having periods is healthy and normal,” She said.

According to her young girls have been separating themselves from others and even missing school due to a lack of sanitary pads and proper information.

“Our girls should know periods are neither a curse nor a disease. It’s a process in life for every female. Education for girls has been disrupted due to the lack of sanitary pads. That is why today together with other stakeholders we have given out pads and pants to them,” She said.

Girls and women living with disabilities have been faced with extreme challenges in managing periods. They face sanitary pads shortage and reduced privacy.

Kangwana in her mission on Friday evening visited two families with girls living with disabilities and offered free sanitary pads.
The Covid 19 pandemic has disrupted the flow of information on menstrual hygiene. The wrecked economy has made it hard for many families to access hygiene products. Poverty has made it even worse.

“We ask stakeholders and all of goodwill to join us in supporting a girl child access these hygiene products. Our Governments should allocate more resources to this. As Kisii County Government through our Able Governor James Ongwae we will continue to give support where possible,”

The media has been tasked to tirelessly provide girls with accurate child-friendly menstrual content.