How a SACCO is Terrorising Teachers in the name of Corona Fears

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Gusii Mwalimu SACCO Kisii town Photo/Courtesy
Gusii Mwalimu SACCO Kisii town Photo/Courtesy

A SACCO has been accused of holding teachers’ salaries in the name of Coronavirus fears. The teachers were paid last week by TSC but have not received their pay.

Gusii Mwalimu SACCO where teachers access their pay from has closed down its offices in Kisii town despite Government’s directive allowing banks and financial institutions to continue offering services with adhered measures.

The broke stranded teachers led by Felix Nyabuto said they were instructed to process a pin which could allow them to access their pay digitally. They obeyed and quickly processed but still, they have not received the cash.

“We know there is Coronavirus but that does not mean we stop eating. We were paid last week and the SACCO instructed us to process pins, we did as per their wish but they have refused to pay us. I have been here daily since last week. They have finally closed their offices without telling us why because banks were allowed to operate,” Protested Felix Nyabuto.

He added, “No official is picking our calls. I have a family plus an extended one to feed. Am under stress because the Government paid us, why is the SACCO holding our money? We have camped here for a week now but nothing seems that they will pay us,”

Rachel Otundo a human rights activist from Kisii has condemned the act and asked the SACCO to immediately release the funds to teachers so that they can sort their expenses.

Our effort to reach the Chief Executive Officer Mr. Charles Omwansa fell on a rock. He refused to pick our calls for comment.