Testicles crushed, 45 year old seeking Justice as Insecurity rocks Nyakoe

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45 year old George Sakwa Okioma traumatized on his bed.
45 year old George Sakwa Okioma traumatized on his bed. Photo/Daily Clock

An elderly Man from Bonyagatanyi village, Nyakoe ward in Kisii County is seeking Justice after a well-known bugler attacked him and crushed his testicles on the night of 23rd December 2019.

George Sakwa Okioma 45 told The Daily Clock on Friday that he arrived in the village to oversee his uncle’s property during Christmas season.

After purchasing some food from Nyakoe market on the same night, he met a well-known village Male youth who escorted him to the house.

They jointly cooked and ate together but the supper turned sour when the accused Osama Gisemba pulled a knife demanding for cash.

“He Just told me let me help you carry the food and escort you. We went and cooked together. We ate but few minutes at the Kitchen where I also sleep, he pulled a Knife demanding cash from me. I did not have any money. He crushed my testicles and left me with Knife injuries on my private parts,” Okioma told the Media.

The bed sheet where he sleeps with blood stains
The bed sheet where he sleeps with blood stains

Thomas Okindo Nyamira a resident said the Boy is a well-known criminal with murder record but Local Authorities have never bothered to nab him despite frequent reports from villagers.

“The boy is a school dropout with criminal Record. Recently he stole hens from his uncle’s residence. The Chief know him very well. We have reported him severally but no action has ever been taken,” Said Okindo.

A medical report seen by this site indicates that Okioma’s testicles are swollen which requires a surgery to avoid further damage on his private part.

The matter has already been reported at Nyakoe Police post with OB Number 8/1/1/2020. The boy is currently a free suspect.

Okioma’s family now want area chief and Police to act with speed and arrest the suspect for their lives are in danger.

Jared Okondo the area Chief told the Daily Clock on Phone that the suspect is at large and the Police are pursuing him.

Its alleged that a group of young school drop-outs are on the rampage, seriously killing and terrorizing innocent people. A neighbors house in the same village was broken into by unknown thugs who escaped with expensive electronics and house hold items during Christmas.