Raila Warns Ruto over corruption ahead of the newly began 2020

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ODM Leader and former prime minister Raila Odinga Photo/Courtesy
ODM Leader and former prime minister Raila Odinga Photo/Courtesy



It is my hope that we will jointly build on the foundation laid in 2019, which built on the choices we made in 2018, so that we continue building bridges among our people to secure lasting unity and a greater sense of nationhood.

I look forward to a renewed commitment to fighting corruption and it’s unrelenting networks in the country, ending marginalization of communities and regions and restructuring our foundations of governance, including strengthening of devolved units.

I equally look forward to sharing ideas on, and supporting all efforts to address poverty, marginalization and unemployment of the youth and rising cost of living.

Unity for common good will be critical if we are to create a nation in which right is right and wrong is wrong. So far, unity has worked with the war on corruption.

By and large, Kenyans have agreed that individuals should carry their own crosses of graft. I thank our people for this and encourage them to carry this spirit into 2020 and beyond if we are to make corruption a costly and useless venture.

Beyond our borders, I look forward to continued engagement in continental affairs with regard to ensuring greater intra- Africa connectivity and trade through infrastructure.

I look forward to working with everyone in pursuit of these goals. Working together, we can make this New Year better than the old. A hopeful New Year to all Kenyans.