Death awaiting as Deadly Raw sewage invade Rivers across Kisii County

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The Nyakomisaro/Riana River passing through Daraja Mbili which has now turned into a sewage line PHOTO/DAILY CLOCK

Sewage is the recent deadly disaster that The county government of Kisii has failed to manage pausing health risks not only to Human and Animals but also the environment.

The menace has taken over Rivers across Kisii County the worst being Nyakomisaro/Riana River passing through Daraja Mbili which has now turned into a sewage line.

At Daraja Mbili Kisii Town.

Now residents of Etora in Bobasi Constituency are at high risk after a deadly sewage menace from one of the newly opened hospital in the area has invaded the environment.

The residents told The Daily Clock on Tuesday that the sewage is pumped when signs of rain begins to show up citing health Risks not only to them and the Animals  but also kids who play near the ditches where the raw sewage has now flooded.

Raw sewage flooded in Ditches at Etora in Bobasi Constituency in Kisii County. Its Pumped from one of the newly Opened Hospitals in The area.

According to Surfers Against Sewage, Human sewage contains bacteria and viruses (pathogens) that have previously grown inside another person.

This means that they are accustomed to the human body and how to make it a home. This means they are able to make your body a home too. The average adult contains over 1Kg of bacteria. The vast majority causes no harm and some are even helpful to your body. Pathogens that cause no problem to the body in one area (gut for example) can cause serious infections if they are able to infect other areas of the body.

Mixed Raw sewage causes Stomach upsets. Swallowing water contaminated with bacteria or viruses can cause gastroenteritis, Skin infections. Skin acts as a natural barrier to potentially harmful organisms, Ear infections,Eye infections,Sore throat,Chest infections,Hepatitis among other serious Effects.

The residents are now crying and asking NEMA officers to pay a visit to the hospital and investigate the terrible incident and bring the owners into account.

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