Respect nominated Women MCAs, Ongera tells Kisii County speaker.

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Kisii Women Rep Janet Ong’era speaking at Kereri girls on Monday during the launch of Sanitary towels to school girls. PHOTO/LIZ ANGY/DAILY CLOCK.

Kisii  Woman  representative  Janet Ong’era has asked  county  speaker Hon. David  Kombo to respect the  nominated women  Members  of County  Assembly.

This came after  the nominees  raised alarm  claiming that male  legislators in the Kisii County Assembly have adopted a motion that seeks to bar them  from voting in the House in what is seen as a direct onslaught against female MCAs.

Speaking  at Kereri girls  High  School  during  the launch  of sanitary towels on Monday, the angered women rep said that women nominees  are  elected  constitutionally through  proportionate  Party representation  and they  are  there  to  represent  the interest of their  parties  and the women at large.

“Our  nominees  are not flower  girls,  they deserve   due respect   like any other  leaders,” she bitterly said.

Ong’era said she has complained  to the  Kisii Governor  James Ongwae who promised  to come up  with amicable  solution  .

“I can’t hold  it anymore,  to sit and watch  my fellow  women being  humiliated, these  women  have the right to express their  freedom  of expression,” Ms  Ong’era   stated.

She has threatened  to mobilize  both elected and nominated  woman across national and county  levels to demonstrate  over  the mistreatment  of the nominees if the speaker  is not going  to take  any legal  action.

“It really  hurts  me when I see any woman barred from expressing herself,” she said.

The ODM Woman urged  the speaker  to treat  nominees  like any other elected  leader  in the assembly.

She vowed  to rally  all  women in the county to the streets  and bar  the speaker  from accessing the assembly.

Elected  MCAs  believe  that their nominated  colleagues  are  using the opportunity  to undermine  them  to have easy access  in 2022.

Our  effort  to reach the speaker  didn’t  bear fruits

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