A 12 Digit number budget is not a growing a economy.

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About the 2018/2019 budget, many unknowing Kenyans have been praising it and in fact boasting of having a bigger number budget translating to Kenya owning big monies, but to us who understands a bit of it, can say it makes no sense at all sinceit is not an indication of a growing economy nor a positive economic transformation and support to middle/lower class Kenyan.The basic thing every one of us Kenyans should know is that we must work harder to fund the 3.7T budget.

Going through the allocations; there is this sector that has been allocated any money yet has an approximate of 608Billion (hidden). So that being part of the Kenyan budget we have been funding it and this time round we must be funding it again. How? 1st, the government will borrow from local institutions a debt that will be paid by us, we will fund it directly through paying taxes and also the government of Kenya will borrow externally in order to fund its budget another debt that only we Kenyans will pay.

Tax increment and decrement is what has pinched me and at long last will pinch Kenyans most. This is due to the fact that the increment affects the basic commodities directly. For instance the 2% on mobile money transfers, excise duty on sugar, mitumba clothes/shoes and also the proposed increment of fuel taxes. This will directly hike the cost of goods and services translating to hardened living standards.

All such measures to fund the 3.7T budget are and indeed proof to be useless since they impact the life of lower class citizens negatively. It could be fair only if the VAT/excise duty to basic goods and services was to remain constant.

Keeping in mind the government loses 608billion annually (EACC report) probably it has lost an approx. such amount surpasses the amount the government will collect from VAT and excise duty greatly. So why don’t the government recover the amount from the VIP thieves amongst us and fund the 2018/2019 budget instead of increasing tax on basic commodities?

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