Uhuru vows to end Corruption

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As the crackdown and Prosecution of suspects on the 8 billion shillings scam at the NYS intensifies, President Uhuru Kenyatta has personally vowed to end corruption. The president wants all the suspects to be brought to book.

“We are no longer going to tolerate in our country unethical people. If you have been given responsibility, you need to understand that responsibility is a responsibility to serve  the people and not to be served” Said Uhuru.

The latest 8B NYS scandal is among the other previous scandals of 196M NYS season one, 5B health scandal, 1.9 B maize scandal and 647M KPC Scandal that has rocked his government since he was sworn in in 2013.

“As you go about your daily life, ask yourselves how ethical are you in what you do” Added the President.

This comes a time when 40  Public service suspects are awaiting to be arraigned in court tomorrow following intensive investigations from the DPP which has proven enough evidence for criminal charges.


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